Gaussian Splashing: Dynamic Fluid Synthesis with Gaussian Splatting

University of Utah1, Zhejiang University2, UCLA3

Gaussian Splashing (GSP) is a unified framework combining position-based dynamics and 3DGS.


We demonstrate the feasibility of integrating physics-based animations of solids and fluids with 3D Gaussian Splatting (3DGS) to create novel effects in virtual scenes reconstructed using 3DGS. Leveraging the coherence of the Gaussian splatting and position-based dynamics (PBD) in the underlying representation, we manage rendering, view synthesis, and the dynamics of solids and fluids in a cohesive manner. Similar to Gaussian shader, we enhance each Gaussian kernel with an added normal, aligning the kernel's orientation with the surface normal to refine the PBD simulation. This approach effectively eliminates spiky noises that arise from rotational deformation in solids. It also allows us to integrate physically based rendering to augment the dynamic surface reflections on fluids. Consequently, our framework is capable of realistically reproducing surface highlights on dynamic fluids and facilitating interactions between scene objects and fluids from new views.


The input to our system comprises multi-view images that capture a 3D scene. During the preprocessing stage, foreground objects are isolated and reconstructed. This is followed by point sampling to facilitate scene discretization for PBD simulation and Gaussian rendering. We train the Gaussian kernels using differentiable 3DGS, which takes into account appearance materials and lighting conditions. These kernels are animated using PBD, in conjunction with fluid particles, to tackle the dynamics of both solids and fluids within the scene. Finally, the dynamic scene is rendered into images. This rendering process includes detailed modeling of specular reflections, thereby providing visually accurate representations of the simulated interactions between solids and fluids.


Bathing chair

Submerging garden

Splashing lego

Melting astronaut

Watering office

Splattering book


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